Thursday, February 16, 2012

Late Last Night

Late last night, at half past ten,
I left to slay a dragon.
My favorite horse I harnessed to,
My magic little wagon.

Over hill and under dale,
We raced with no abandon,
On the tails of the wind,
We pursued that desperate green-toothed dragon.

A traveler on our way we met,
A luckless man named George.
A blacksmith who had lost his home,
His thatched roof hut and forge.

Invite him in, I said at once,
To my faithful meerkat Barry.
One more to fight that beast,
To thrust and chop and parry.

And so at last we came that night,
To the monster devil's lair.
My throat ran dry, my knees went weak,
I stood with all my hair.

A monstrous roar escaped the cave,
I knew with no deception
This beast would tear my soul in two
If given provocation

I turned my head to run away,
To fly and run and hide.
George grabbed my arm and said to me
"I'll get that dragon's hide."

He took my sword and shield,
My helmet, socks and shoes.
He marched into that demon's lair,
And faced his source of woes.

The flames were bright,
The mountain shook.
The battle raged for ages.

And then at last the thunder stopped,
We knew what had occurred.
When from the cave a man appeared,
My new-found, best friend George.

On sleepless nights when we go out,
To fight in some adventure.
We always stop to pick up George,
To keep us safe from danger.

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