Thursday, February 2, 2012

Carnival Towel Folding Surprise

I promised a humorous conclusion to the towel folding story a while back and here it is.  While I was busy learning to fold towel animals, my wife set about photographing the event.  After a minute she started tugging on my sleeve.  When I looked up I was met with this sight.  YIKES!
I thought towel folding would be a 'G' rated event.  What makes it worse, is that this lady isn't a day under 60.  Granny thong was an unpleasant surprise.
We tried to be covert about taking pictures but soon this poor lady had half a dozen amateur photographers working on her backside.  I don't think that she ever noticed all the attention she was getting.  It would be good if it stayed that way.  Hopefully, none of the amateur photographers were her grandchildren.

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