Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clear Creek Trail - Denver, Colorado

I took my bike out for the first ride of the season recently.  It was so hard to stay indoors.  The weather in Reno has been so nice that I just couldn't stand it any more.  The time I spent on the road today made me think back to one of the last rides I took in Colorado.  
This picture is of the Clear Creek trail.  It is a really pretty trail and the first with my new bike (Specialized Tricross Sport).  I had such a blast that day and didn't realize how much better today would be.  I have lost 67 pounds on the 17 Day Diet since my last ride last year.  The difference is amazing.  The seat is lots more comfortable.  The riding motion is more comfortable.  The biggest difference, though, has got to be the breathing.  
I thought I was doing well last year.  I had been riding a bike pretty consistently and my breathing had definitely improved.  It was like night and day when I got out this year.  I don't think I hardly broke a sweat this time on the same trail that was a real work out last fall.
I'd like to thank Dr. Mike Moreno for making most things in my life better, even the bike rides.

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