Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Muir Beach House

I think that most people are like me when I say that I would like to live in a house on the beach.  What could be better?  You have a great view of the ocean, you're always close to the water and your home value is always higher than that of the other saps who live inland. 

As I was sitting on Muir Beach this summer all of these thoughts ran through my head.  Why wasn't this me living in a fantastic house on the beach?  Is it just because I don't want to commute two hours to a town big enough to have jobs that pay well enough to afford a house like this?  Is it because I can't afford this house in the first place?  I even thought that it might be because there are always people who are visiting the beach and having bonfires on the beach.  Who wants a huge bonfire party outside their house on a work night, every worknight?

I have come to the conclusion that the reason why I don't live in a beach house on Muir Beach, or any other beach, is because none of my family live near the beach.  I'm already pushing the limits of living within driving distance by staying in Reno.  So, like everything else about my life that bothers me, it must be someone else's fault.  Come on family, give me a break and move closer to the beach.

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